Partial Services

When first approached, we arrange a meeting ideally at the property to meet you and discuss your ideas. We then write informing you of what is involved in terms of permissions, an estimate of how long these will take, what is involved architecturally, what additional services you require and what services we can offer with a guide on fees.

At our initial meeting we discuss your ideas and aspirations from which we form a basic brief. This is then worked up throughout the design process and the incorporated into the final design. Before starting we research the basic history, planning, building control and other possible restrictions such as cost, party walls and construction methods that could arise in working up your proposals to establish the feasibility of the project.

If your proposals involve an existing building, before work can start a Measured Survey will be required of the existing property in order to prepare existing plans, sections and elevations in CAD format. These drawings form the basis of subsequent design and planning drawings. On most projects this is carried out in house giving a unique insight into the building.  However, where the project is large / complex or involves a piece of land we would recommend a firm of surveyors prepare your survey drawings.  Working with the survey, brief and your ideas we work up a number of design options for discussion with you. These are then worked up into a final option for your approval.

On approval of the design, drawings and a design and access statement explaining the design are prepared and submitted for planning/ listed / conservation area approval as required. A decision generally takes eight weeks during which time a site meeting may be held with the case officer.  Dependant on the local authority this can result in drawings being exchanged in order to get an approval. You would be consulted and your approval sort prior to making any such changes.

Following planning approval, you have the choice of taking the project forward with a builder or we can submit a Full Plans Building Regulations Application on your behalf. This involves preparing larger scale drawings with additional construction information and submitting an application. A decision takes a further eight weeks during which time we liaise with building control and agree changes in order to comply with the various rules.  This process establishes that the project can be built as drawn without the need for expensive changes on site once work starts and allows contractors to give more accurate quotes.