Following on from partial services full services also include the following additional stages:

These include general arrangement plans, sections, elevations and specific construction details on which service layouts, dimensions, notes and materials are shown.

A Specification is produced based on the national Building Specification (NBS) which with the drawings makes up the tender documents. This document details how the work is carried out in addition to the various materials and products you have chosen

A tender list of contractors is agreed with you. Contractors are given a fixed time in which to prepare a quotation. Quotes are then submitted with a priced specification following a visit to site and are based on the drawings and specification -tender documents. The prices are compared and analysed checking for mistakes, omissions and additions.  Once we have established we are comparing like for like a contractor is recommended.

A JCT contract is agreed between the client and the contractor. This details information specific to the project including: the parties, the scope of work, contract sum, contract length, payments and retentions. The tender documents subject to agreed changes form part of the contract documents. During the contract period additional costs and omissions are agreed in writing by architects instructions or A.I’s.

During the contract period the contract is administered ensuring work is progressing correctly on site by making regular visits. Payments are made monthly to the contractor based on valuations agreed between the architect and contractor based on the work carried out to that date. Regular site meetings ensure problems, changes, extensions of time and additional information are discussed allowing the work to run smoothly. Once practical completion has been reached the final contract sum is agreed with the help of the AI’s.

In addition to architectural services most projects will also require a structural engineer. Dependant on the project you may also require an interior designer, a party wall surveyor, landscape architect or on larger more complex projects a quantity surveyor. Where we are unable to provide additional services, we can if required recommend consultants to you.